Pick Up Orders

Enable & manage online, pre-paid orders for customer pick up

Do you load customer or contractor vehicles at your yard? Enabling Pick Up Orders allows them to pre-pay online, then cruise in & out of your yard to scoop their product. Pick Up Orders filter to the Loader Dashboard for fulfillment.

Enable Pick Up to leverage this service and expose all pertinent features within BDP, including Loader Dashboard, Pick Up Pricing, and Pick Up Messaging. If using BDP for delivery only, toggling off hides these features.

Enter a Pick Up Location (optional) if you've elected to utilize BDP's Inventory Tracking feature.

Set an Order Expiration in Days (optional). While customer don't need to schedule a Pick Up as they would a Delivery, you can set an "Expiration" so that forgotten orders don't crowd up the Loader Dashboard ("expired" Pick Up Orders can always be found in the Orders archive).

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