Calendar & Availability

Customize your delivery calendar settings & upcoming holidays.

Availability Settings

  • Enter Number of days available for booking to set how far in the future customers can book deliveries. For example, "30" days allows customers to book delivery one month out.

  • Show Only Available Slots removes booked slots from the time slot selection screen. Leave this toggled off to show both available slots (green) and fully booked slots (red).

  • Enable Only First Slots to front-load the day's deliveries and maximize order volume. Later slots become available only when earlier ones are filled. Leave this toggled off to let customers choose any slot throughout the day.

  • Turn on Same Day Ordering if you allow customers to order for same-day delivery when slots are available. Same-Days can be manually shut off each day on the Driver Dashboard.

Next Delivery

Need to hit pause on the operation until a certain date? Enter a "Next Delivery" date to block (show unavailable) delivery slots earlier than the specified date.

Blocked Slots

Want to block a particular slot across the whole operation for one reason or another? Simply select from the drop-down list to block (show unavailable) any individual time slots.

Upcoming Holidays

Select the upcoming Holidays when your business will be closed, blocking full days at a time.

Closure Seasons

Create blocks of time to disable your business. Leaving this setting empty means that your business runs year-round.

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