Custom blurbs seen at time of purchase make for a smooth & transparent customer experience

Delivery Messaging

This message will appear on your public catalog product pages, just above the volume options for Delivery. By default, the Delivery blurb reads:

"Prices include delivery to all addresses in the @baseZoneName zone. Additional delivery fees apply to extended zones."

*@baseZoneName populates with the name given to your first created delivery zone, and customers can "View Delivery Zones" in a pop-up window by clicking the link. *HINT: do not actually include the word "Zone" when naming your first delivery area.

Pick Up Messaging

*only appears if Pick Up Orders are enabled within Settings.

This message will appear on your public catalog product pages, just above the volume options for Pick Up. By default, the Pick Up blurb reads:

"Order now to reserve this product for pick up at our location. Your purchase will be transmitted to our staff who will facilitate loading your vehicle when you arrive." For example:

Pick Up Order Instructions. Below published price is a hyperlink for "Pick Up Details."

Here is a good opportunity to provide customers with detailed instructions on how to successfully pick up their material. For example- yard location, hours of operation, and procedural protocol for pick up. Within BDP, either enter messaging directly or link to an External Instructions Page URL back on your website.

Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Including a Privacy Policy and your company's Terms & Conditions on your e-commerce platform is always good practice, particularly when soliciting customer information and capturing credit card payments.

  • Within BDP, either enter content directly or link to an external URL, if for instance you already have these pages on your website.

**HINT: use these pages to enumerate operational rules & procedures, and then create a single Checkout Disclaimer that reads "I have read & agree to (Company Name)'s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy," hyperlinking to the documentation.

**NOTE: Both Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions are required to implement the SMS Notifications feature via Twilio. Within the United States, A2P 10DLC campaign registration now requires these transparency measures.

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