Stripe Coupons

Use Promo Codes for sales & discounts, discreet pricing tiers, charitable donations, & more

At checkout, customers have the option to "Add Promotional Code" if they have one. A Promo Code is the actual text code they'll enter that triggers a specific discount, which you've predetermined by building corresponding Stripe Coupons in the background. Give discounts by percentage or finite amount, set duration/expiration, create one-time or re-useable codes, & more. Stripe Coupons and Promo Codes are a great way to step up your marketing & advertising game.

  • Make sure to Enable Promo Codes in BDP once you've created a Stripe Coupon

Applying a Promo Code via URL Parameter

Stripe Promo Codes can always be applied to the Checkout Page. They can also be applied via a URL parameter that can be attached to a button, QR Code, or link that can be shared.

The syntax for creating a promo code URL is:

"yoursubdomain" = Your BDP Subdomain "product-name" = Product Slug "STRIPECODE" = Promo code, created at Stripe

Following a link with a promo code will connect that code to the customer's cart as they continue placing their order. The appropriate discount will be applied on the Checkout screen assuming that what is purchased meets the criteria of the promo code.

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