Getting Online Reviews

Make it easy for customers to rave about your 5-Star service

Generating positive online reviews is simply good for business, but they can be elusive. The bulk delivery business is ALL about customer service, but it's hard to appreciate given our big rigs and brutish appearance... so BDP employs friendly communication tools to sweeten the deal. Improve the odds of a satisfied customer leaving a good review by making it super easy to do.

When the Driver elects to "Send Customer Thank You + Review Request SMS" (See Customer SMS Notifications) after successful delivery, the customer will receive a final text communication from your company, something like this:

You just need to find your Google and Facebook Links and enter them into BDP.

Find simple directions from Google on how to obtain your link from your Google Business Profile:

To find your Facebook Review Link:

  1. Go to your business's Facebook Page

  2. Find the Reviews Tab

  3. Copy the URL

Once you've got your links, enter into to Settings > Notifications > Messages

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