Connect Your Website

Add hyperlink buttons to your website so customers can [Order Now!]

Customers initiate the ordering process by clicking one of several order "buttons" on your website which link to BDP. Consult with your web developer on building these buttons, considering wording and layout. In general, more buttons means more opportunities to turn website visitors into purchasing customers. We recommend making it easy for folks- include a button on your landing page and any page headers. There are generally 3 types to consider:

Global Catalog Button

The simplest option is an overall "Schedule Delivery" or "Order Bulk Materials"-type button that appears prominently on your home page, or atop a Bulk Landscape Materials page. This will link to your entire BDP Catalog.

Category Buttons

"Order Mulch" or "Shop Soils" type buttons that link to a specific category of material. If you organize products on your website by category (for example: Mulch & Bark, Decorative Rock, Sand & Aggregate, Soil & Compost, etc.), each with its own detailed page or heading, you may want to include a category button up top.

If utilizing Category Buttons, make sure your BDP Catalog is also displayed by Category- go to (Settings > Appearance > Catalog Layout > Catalog Display) and select "Full Catalog, organized by categories" or "Category Links."

Product Buttons

Product-specific buttons link from a product image/description on your website directly to that same product's BDP page for purchase. If you already list your entire product offering on your website, simply add "Order Now" below each product listing to facilitate purchase.

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