Delivery Zones & Pricing

Customize your delivery area so BDP can automatically charge the appropriate delivery fee

In Settings, select Delivery Zones & Pricing

  • Click "Create Delivery Zone"

  • Enter your [City, State] to bring up a satellite map of your area

  • Click around to set points and draw a rough shape, zoom in & out as needed. Drag nodes to adjust shape and configure boundaries.

  • Enter Zone Name- consider "Base," "town name," or "town name + Base" for your first delivery zone, but do not actually include the word "Zone" due to BDP's default language

  • Set the Price (delivery fee)

  • Enter a "Time Multiplier," see note below

  • Select a color and click "Create Zone" to finalize

  • When creating your next zone, select previously-drawn zones in the "Zone Drawing Reference" box, whose outlines will appear on the map for reference

Time Multiplier indicates average expected drive-time in a given zone. This is based off average roundtrip drive-time in your Base Zone, as determined by Delivery Slots.

Start simple- use a Time Multiplier of "1" for your "Base" Zone, allotting 1 hour roundtrip (on average) for deliveries (1x = 1 hour). If deliveries take 1hr roundtrip (on average) in the Base Zone, but 1.5hrs in your 2nd zone, Time Multiplier in Zone 2 would be 1.5x.

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