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Logos & Imagery

Upload your logos & imagery in the following formats to create a seamless brand experience for your customers and your internal team:

  • Primary Logo- this image will look & work best if it has a landscape orientation (wider than it is tall) and has a transparent background (PNG). It is used on your login screen as well as in the header of the email notifications to your customers.

  • Profile Image (square)- upload your profile image as a square but know that it will be cropped into a circle. It should have a minimum resolution of 300 x 300. It is used at the top of your Admin screens and your catalog/product pages.

  • Favicon (*.ico)- upload your "favicon" (.ico) file here to customize the small icon that appears in a browser window/tab.

  • App Icon- upload a custom 512px (square) App Shortcut Icon in PNG format.

Catalog Layout

Configure display settings to customize the look & feel of your public-facing e-commerce pages

Name/Logo Link- if you would like your name/logo to link back to a custom URL, enter that address here. Otherwise, the name/logo will link to the catalog landing page.

Contact Link/Email- enter a URL (or email address) to direct customers for any "Contact" inquires. This will also be shown by default if a Product is not available (out of stock).

Catalog Display- control what visitors see when they view your Catalog landing page. Display options:

  • Full Catalog- all products displayed together on the main catalog page, arranged in the order they appear on your Products inventory.

  • Full Catalog, Organized by Categories- associate each of your products with a Category. All products appear on the main catalog page, organized under their respective Category heading. Clicking each heading navigates to that Category-specific page.

  • Category Links- associate each of your products with a Category and upload a "Cover Image." This format displays a slick landing page featuring all your Categories with representative photo. Clicking each image navigates to that Category-specific page.

Catalog Heading Text and Catalog Subheading Text- enter custom text that will appear atop your catalog page

Choose Colors for designated areas of your Catalog's appearance, perhaps bringing in the dominant colors of your company's branding

Standard Text Font & Header Text Font (BETA)

This experimental feature allows you to include a custom (SSL) font URL that can be used to customize the display of your BDP-generated pages.

Realistically, it would probably be best to Contact BDP Support to see if this feature makes sense to use for your company or not.

Footer Text- brief description for your profile. URLs are hyperlinked.

Customize Cart Address Placeholder Text- once customer selects product & volume (for delivery) and clicks "Schedule Delivery," they are then prompted for their delivery address. Before populated, the blank field contains a default message which reads: "Enter delivery address..."

You are welcome to customize this field, for example:

Enter your Social Media Page URLs (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram) to include clickable social icons in the Footer

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