Create Vehicle

BDP learns your roster of trucks & trailers to leverage operational hauling capacities

Click Vehicles on the left menu, then click Create Vehicle. After naming the rig, enter:

Payload Constraints

These optional values calculate the maximum payload for this vehicle. If entered, this vehicle will be available when calculated order weight is less than the "Payload (Maximum)" value.

  • Gross Weight (GVWR) = Maximum loaded weight of vehicle, as determined by the manufacturer.

  • Curb Weight = Weight of vehicle empty, fully fueled and 1 driver (no passengers or cargo)

    • BDP will automatically calculate your Payload (Maximum), or total carrying capacity by weight

Volume Constraints

These optional values control how varying product order sizes are routed to the most appropriate vehicle(s) in your fleet

  • Payload (Minimum) = constrain Vehicle selection on the low end, by weight

  • Volume (Minimum) = constrain Vehicle selection on the low end, by volume

  • Volume (Maximum) = total carrying capacity (lightweight materials), in Cubic Yards

For sophisticated fleets with graduated capacities where it's often more expensive to run larger rigs, Payload and Volume Minimums constrain Vehicle selection on the low end (i.e. a floor, as opposed to ceiling). Vehicle isn't deployed unless weight or volume is at least X lbs. or Y cubic yards.

Available Days

Unselect any days the vehicle is not available to the operation


Drag & drop photos of your rig

Scheduled Downtime

Add upcoming dates when this vehicle will be unavailable

Blocked Slots

Specific time slots selected here will be unavailable for booking

Vehicle Specs

Record official specs & dimensions for drivers & staff to easily reference

Maintenance Log

A convenient place to record recent service & help keep your equipment in working order

Once you’ve entered your Vehicle’s information, click Create at bottom right, which will enable this vehicle in the system. Enter as many vehicles as you want to run in order to maximize your fleet’s earning potential.

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