Customer SMS Notifications

Easily Send 'Loading Up' & 'Thank You' Text Messages!

Twilio Integration- How it Works

If you’ve ever scheduled an appointment online, ordered food or a rideshare through an app- you’ll probably be familiar with SMS Notifications. BDP integrates with Twilio, allowing Drivers to easily send customers text notifications of their Order status with a simple click:

  1. Driver clicks “Delivering” to prompt a message to the customer notifying that they're loading up and will be on the way shortly. The Order Log will author & timestamp this event. Later,

  2. Driver clicks “Complete” upon successful delivery. This indicates to the system that the Order is in fact Complete, and the Order Log will author & timestamp it as such. Plus, it’s at this moment that the Driver will be prompted with a choice:

BDP can trigger a follow-up message thanking the customer for their business, and inviting them to leave an online review, should they feel inclined. These Customer Notifications have proved to be a versatile feature. Operationally, it automates your communication and stabilizes a point of contact. The customer feels informed and secure when updated that heavy machinery is on its way and their large, bulky (often heavy, expensive) material will unload at their delivery address shortly. They are made to feel a part of the logistics operation! Also, this little advanced warning often helps make the Driver’s job easier & swifter upon arrival- reminding customer to move their car, or set out that tarp...

Plus, customers really appreciate it. From a customer service perspective, simple and effective communication is a BIG deal. BDP gently offers them the opportunity to share their appreciation by sending a "Review Request" at the exact moment they’re most likely to do so- immediately following another successful dump. These Thank You/Review Request SMS Messages drastically improve the likelihood that a satisfied customer actually takes the time to write a glowing review. Don’t be surprised if it’s this very feature (SMS Notifications) that they rave about.

So let’s get you set up with a local phone number to streamline customer communication!

Twilio Setup

Go to and click ‘Start for Free’ to create your account. See Twilio's Pricing.

  • Follow the prompts to get logged in, here are some hints:

    • What do you plan to build today? Alerts & Notifications

    • Which Twilio product are you here to use? SMS Notifications

    • You'll also select Business, then Direct Brand

    • You are likely not exempt from telecom tax

    • How do you want to build with Twilio? No Code

    • What is your goal today? 3rd Party Integration

  • Once you've arrived at the Console, at top right click "Account," and select "General Settings." Change the name of your account from 'My First Twilio Account' to your company's name.

  • Configure your Console. In the left menu bar click "Explore Products." Scroll through and "pin" the following tools: Messaging, Phone Numbers, and Studio.

  • Back on the Console, click 'Upgrade' at top. Here you'll walk through the steps to fund your account by putting a credit card on file. We recommend starting with $20-$100, and then enabling auto-replenish when it drops to $10.

Next, secure a local phone number. Navigate to Phone Numbers > Buy a Number.

In "Search criteria," enter your local Area Code & click "Search." Look for a phone number in (or close to) the same town as your business location. Once you’ve found a solid candidate, click “Buy It.”

A2P 10DLC Registration

A2P (Application to Person) 10DLC (10 digit long code) is the standard that United States telecom carriers have put in place to ensure that SMS traffic to US end-users through long code phone numbers is verified and consensual.

Within Twilio, you'll need to:

Contact BDP Support for assistance with A2P 10DLC Registration

Connect to BDP

Toward the bottom of your Twilio console, find Account Info. Specifically you’re looking for:

  • Account SID

  • Auth Token

  • My Twilio Phone Number

In a new tab, open your BDP account and navigate to Settings > Notifications > Twilio Account. Copy & paste the above account info in the matching fields & click "Save." Now you’re ready to "Test Twilio." Enter your own phone number to check if it’s connected & ready to go- you should receive a text greeting, "Hello from (your company name)!" sent by your newly configured phone number.

Advanced: If you are interested in setting up an Autoresponse in the event of inbound texts to your new phone number, contact BDP Support to help you set up an Autoresponse Flow within Twilio.

*NOTE: these SMS Notification are meant to be outbound only, and you do not need to monitor your new number for back-and-forth customer communication. In the event a customer responds via text to one of these Notifications, an Autoresponse would direct them to contact your business telephone line directly.

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