Getting Started

Quick start guide to becoming a BulkDelivery PRO

1: Basic Account Information
  • Register with your email address & password to create your Account

  • Click your initials in the top right to view your Profile. Verify your personal details and select the appropriate timezone.

  • Next, jump to Settings > General Settings. Enter each section with your company's information.

2: Add a Product
  • Take a moment to build out your Products. Enter a product name and description.

  • Enter supply-side information where applicable (your cost & material weight)

  • Add the volume buttons (Product Prices for delivery) that you want to display for purchase, along with pricing (material only). If enabling customer Pick Ups, add Product Prices for Pick Up as well.

  • Add photo(s)

3: Add a Vehicle
  • Determine any Vehicles you may use for delivery, enter each into the system

  • Enter the Gross Weight (GVWR) and Curb Weight (empty) in order to determine Payload

  • Enter the Volume (Maximum) capacity

4: Create Delivery Zones
  • To draw a zone, click "Create Delivery Zone"

  • Enter your [City, State] and click around to draw your first shape, adjust as needed

  • Enter Zone Name, Price, Time Multiplier, and choose color. Click "Create Zone."

  • When drawing your 2nd zone (& 3rd etc), in the "Zone Drawing Reference" box, select previously-drawn zones whose outlines will appear on the map for reference

5: Create Delivery Slot
  • Set time windows you'll allow customers to select for delivery. For instance, morning (8:00AM-12:00PM) and afternoon (12:00PM - 5:00PM).

  • Enter "Loads Per Vehicle." How many deliveries can a driver take during the designated time slot, on average, in your base zone?

  • Select which days of the week this applies to, as well as which vehicles

6: Connect Stripe Account
  • When setting up/connecting your Stripe account, you'll need some basic company information as well as online banking credentials

  • From within BDP, click "Create a New Stripe Account" or "Connect Existing Stripe Account" and walk through the steps to completion

  • Due to the secure nature of linking a payments account, complete this portion from start to finish in one session, otherwise it may need to be reset

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