Organize your products for a neat, professional online catalog

Click "Create Product Category"

Enter Category Name & click "Save." Enter category Description- the text entered here will be published on your web catalog Category Page for customers to read.

Example categories: Soil & Compost / Mulch & Bark / Gravel, Rock & Sand / Decorative / Recycled / Aggregates / Firewood / Straw Products / Palletized / In-Store Pick-Up Only

Cover Image

Upload a representative photo for the category. This photo will appear on your catalog landing page if you elect to display your catalog using the Category Links layout format. Clicking the cover image will link visitors to this category's associated product for purchase.

Associated Products

Select all products you wish to organize under this particular category, which will help your customers browse & compare like items. *Note: products can be associated with multiple categories (for example, Decomposed Granite might be listed under both Decorative and Aggregates).

SEO Settings

Category Slug refers to the last part of the URL address that will uniquely identify the particular page, here optionally customizable in SEO-friendly format. For example, for a category named "Gravel, Rock, & Sand," you might enter β€œgravel-rock-sand.” Enter a Canonical URL to distinguish a preferred version of the category's URL for enhanced search engine optimization.

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