Delivery Slots

Build your weekly delivery scheduling rules

In Settings > Delivery Slots, click Create Time Slot. Here let's answer a few questions:

  • What time will you start deliveries in the morning, and what length time window will you present to customers? Is it two-hour windows starting 8:00am - 10:00am? Or maybe you want to start by having just a "morning" and an "afternoon" slot, and so choose 4 hour blocks before and after noon.

  • On which days of the week will this slot apply? Monday - Friday? Maybe you run on weekends, or make a few deliveries just on Saturday mornings. Select each day you want this slot available.

  • Within your chosen time window, how many deliveries will a driver be able to do, on average, in your Base Zone? If average delivery time in your base zone is 1 hour and your time window is 2 hours (8:00am - 10:00am, for example), your Loads Per Vehicle is 2. If average delivery time in your base zone is 45 minutes and your time window is 3 hours (8:00am-11:00am, for instance) your Loads Per Vehicle would be 4.

  • For which Vehicles in your fleet will this time slot apply? Leave "Apply to All Vehicles" selected if the whole fleet will be enabled with the same time slots. Choose specific Vehicle(s) if building a time slot for specific rigs.

  • Click Save to enable this intelligent time slot.

  • Click "Edit" to label with a custom slot name. Click the cog icon to reconfigure slot settings.

  • Disable or "hide" a slot as needed. For example, if you only occasionally want weekend slots enabled, or you have seasonal availability- turn slots on & off as the operation allows.

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