General Settings

View and update your store details.

Account Information

General account configuration information. Enter or edit your Account Name and Subdomain as needed. Your subdomain is the address to which customers will be re-direct once they've initiated the purchasing process from your website. The actual transaction takes place on your BDP subdomain.

Primary Contact

Enter the first and last name of the principal owner of the account.

Primary Email Address- this email address will be used to send receipts to your customers. This address cannot be a "public" address (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) and must use your company's domain. Once entered, click "Save" to send a verification email to this address from Postmark. Follow the email prompt to confirm the email as valid for sending order confirmations (receipts).

Company Information

Provide general company contact information, including website, phone, address & timezone.

Google Delivery Area refers to an optional Google Merchant Center field that specifies delivery areas based on zip code. See Google's Documentation and/or Contact BDP Support for more information.


Enable Customer Referrals if you'd like your business to be listed as a delivery option for another BDP tenant. A link to your business will appear if another BDP Tenant also has this setting enabled AND a customer's address falls within one of your zones (but outside theirs).

  • Customer Referrals turned off- if a customer tries to order from your BDP catalog, but their address is outside your delivery zones, they'll be re-directed to your Contact Page to inquire whether other delivery options exist (such as a custom Estimate).

  • Customer Referrals turned on- in the same scenario described above, if the customer's address falls within another BDP tenant's delivery zones (and they also have referrals enabled), it will re-direct the customer to visit that neighboring BDP tenant's catalog. Your company would be provided the same courtesy should the situation be reversed.

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