BDP makes it easy to maintain your inventory & publish a beautifully organized catalog

Click "Create Product"

Enter Product Name & click "Save." Enter product Description- the text entered here will be published on your web catalog Product Page for customers to read.

Next to product name is a Product Status switch toggled to Active by default. This indicates the Product as available for purchase. Switch to inactive to remove from public view, but keep archived.

Cost (USD) refers to supply-side cost of material (cost to you- whether delivered to your yard, picked up from the pit, or manufactured). Choose per CY (cubic yard) or per TON.

Enter Product Weight in pounds per cubic yard (lbs/yd)- the system will compare product weight against Vehicle capacity to route loads appropriately. Find a working weight/volume conversion by driving twice over an industrial truck scale- first empty, and then again with 1 cubic yard of product.

Cubic Yards vs Tons-

While bulk materials like rock/aggregate are often supplied wholesale by weight (tons), we recommend selling by volume (cubic yards) wherever possible. In order to purchase accurate amounts, spatial measurement is far more useful for the typical end-user, as compared to weight. For example: use 3"-5" gravel for a base, fill a raised bed with 1 yard garden soil, cover an area 10’ x 10’ with 3 inches mulch- these outdoor projects rely on physical dimensions (i.e. volume), not weights.

Product Availability

The top switch indicates whether the product is currently In-Stock. If switched off, the item is considered Out of Stock- customers can still view its catalog page, but they won’t be able to purchase it. Plus, you can choose below to publish a custom message regarding the product’s status (for example: "Temporarily Out of Stock, please check back 3/15").

Another switch determines whether this page’s Product information will be Published live to your website. Leave all three switches toggled green if you have an item available for purchase, in stock, and you want to actively sell it online.

Under Product / Delivery Unavailable, un-check any days this product is not available. For instance, are you closed Sundays? Is the quarry where you get the Product closed weekends?


BDP makes it easy to drag & drop high resolution images of your products. Upload instantly from a smartphone camera. Supports heic, png, jpg files.

*TIP: good photos make a BIG difference. We recommend uploading at least two photos for each product- one of the product itself, another with size/scale reference (for example: a hand holding the material, dollar bill, or golf ball, etc.)

Product Prices (Delivery)

Add the volume buttons that you want to display for purchase, along with pricing (material only).

Click "Add New Item." In the first column, write out the button "Label" that the customers will see & click to purchase that particular amount (1 Yard, for example). Next, using numbers and decimals only, enter the corresponding numerical "Quantity (cubic yards)" which the system will use for calculation in the background (enter 1.0 for the ‘1 Yard’ label). The "Price" column is for material price only; do NOT include delivery- it will be added later. Click "Add New Item" to build your next button. Alternatively, clicking the (+) button will use the prior interval to automatically build the next line. Click the "Call?" box if you’d like to present a certain volume/option for sale but without a published price, this will direct the customer to contact your office directly. For example, “15+ Yards” or "Custom Amt." option that prompts customer to call, at which you can send a custom Estimate.

**Be thoughtful when considering your volume options, so as to 1) offer volumes conducive to both your operation and your customers' needs, and 2) not to overload the Product page with an overwhelming number of options for purchase

Product Prices (Pick Up)

*this field only visible if you've enabled Pick Up Orders

If you load customer & contractor vehicles at your yard, make sure to build buttons for Pick Up as well, even if the volumes offered and product prices (again, material only) are identical to those above. Some businesses allow lesser minimums or others volumes, or offer slightly different pricing when the material is picked up vs. delivered. This will allow purchasing customers to toggle between DELIVERY and PICK UP options at purchase:

Video Embed

Add video content directly onto the Product’s catalog page, using either YouTube or Vimeo URLs.

Checkout Disclaimers

Product-specific disclaimers allow you to disclose anything you'd like about particular product or feature (not to be confused with more general Checkout Disclaimers). These will appear at checkout only when the particular product is purchased. For example, "I understand that dye form colored mulches can leach and stain concrete, especially when exposed to rain, water, or other precipitation. Product should be relocated from driveway/sidewalk as quickly as possible."

Associated Vendors

*make sure to add Vendors in order to utilize this feature

Select the appropriate Associated Vendor(s) for this particular product to indicate to drivers and staff where each product is sourced. This can be particularly helpful for new hires out in the field, who can easily reference vendor address & phone number if needed. Click the gold star to indicate a "preferred vendor."

*HINT: if you stock material at your yard, add your own company to your Vendors list, and select as Associated Vendor to leverage Inventory Tracking tools (described below)

Vendor Inventory Settings

Once an Associated Vendor is selected, click the gear icon to expose Inventory Settings

Enable Track Inventory to leverage this tool and expose further settings. Switch on Notifications to trigger automatic low-inventory emails be sent to administrators when stock pile falls below the established Threshold. Further, Include Pending to anticipate dwindling inventory by including in the calculation those volumes that have been ordered but not yet gone out for delivery.

Click the displayed QOH (quantity on hand), which defaults to "0 Yds" to start. Here, you can manually adjust the QOH as needed (Add, Subtract, or Reset) and record any Adjustment Notes.

Sales Tax Code

This field is only visible once you've Enabled Sales Tax. Select any specific Sales Tax Code as needed for each Product, importantly those needing to be marked Nontaxable.

SKU & Google Category (Optional)

Entering a custom-to-you SKU can help keep your catalog organized if you are working with another system. For example, our SQUARE integration relies on this value to provide inventory syncing capabilities.

Setting a Google Category assists in creating a valid Google Shopping Feed for use with Google Merchant Center.

SEO Settings

Product Slug refers to the last part of the URL address that will uniquely identify the particular page, here optionally customizable in SEO-friendly format. For example, for a product named "Crushed River Rock (3/4" Rainbow)", you might enter “crushed-river-rock-three-quarter-inch-rainbow.” Enter a Canonical URL to distinguish a preferred version of the product's URL for enhanced search engine optimization.


At top right of the Product page, find the Actions drop-down to discover more options-

  • Select View Product to preview your work and see what your customers will see (note: you will need to have drawn at least one Delivery Zone for the page to load). This will bring up the Product’s public-facing catalog page in a new tab.

  • Need to add a nearly-identical Product? Duplicate a product and make minor adjustments.

  • Delete a product altogether

*HINT: instead of deleting a Product, consider instead marking it "inactive" so it disappears from your public catalog, but remains archived in your inventory

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