Send quick and confident quotes that convert, eliminating the back-and-forth

In general, BDP allows you to refer customers to your website for all ordering & scheduling. But occasionally a customer has a request that's outside your standard online offering- one that you’re willing to accommodate for the right price. Whether they're slightly outside your Delivery Zones, needing a unique quantity, or some other one-off situation, Estimates has it covered.

Whether on the phone, via email or text- gather these 6 pieces of information:

  1. Customer Name

  2. Product and Qty- What material and how much?

  3. Physical Address- Where are we delivering?

  4. Timeframe for delivery- When are you needing this material delivered?

  5. Email Address- What's a good email to shoot the quote?

  6. Phone Number- or verify you've captured it from the call

With the above info, end the call telling the customer you're going to send a quote, and if they'd like to proceed, follow the link to finish placing the order online. The customer will need to drag & drop their delivery pin, check the disclaimer boxes, and pre-pay. If you're able to enter the details in real-time, you can have the quote in their hands before they’re off the phone.

Click "Create Estimate"

Specify Delivery Estimate or Pick Up Estimate, then select the Product, followed by Quantity.

If entering a custom volume, select “Other” and then enter the “Other Qty (for customer)” in numbers & words (for example: 6.5 yards)- this is what they customer will see. Enter the corresponding numeral (numbers & decimal only) in the next “Other Qty” field. You will also need to enter a custom Price (number & decimal only)- enter price of material only, delivery price will be determined in another field.

Location Information: enter the customer’s physical address for delivery. Optionally, this can be left blank for the customer to select. If entered, the actual dump point (pin) will be set by the customer. If the address you enter is within one of your delivery zones, the appropriate delivery fee will populate. If outside your zones, you will need to enter a custom Delivery Price.

Delivery Time: select an existing time block or enter a custom delivery window by selecting a beginning time and an end time. Optionally, this field can be left blank for the customer to select.

Once the required information is populated, click “Send Customer Quote." In the pop up window, enter the customer’s name, email address, & phone number. Review or edit the quote description, which is the actual text the customer will receive to consider & execute the purchase.

Quote Expires: select a timeframe, or designate a day/time for the quote to expire. You want to give the customer a chance to consider & conveniently order, but you also need to keep business moving along- setting an expiration creates a sense of urgency and helps to nudge a decision.

By default and for added customer convenience, they'll receive the quote via both email and SMS Notification- either can be unselected. Send & see if the customer converts...

Once sent, a record of the Outstanding Quote will appear at bottom, with the option to Rescind- clicking this will make the quote null & void, customer will not be able to order.

At top right of the Estimate page, find the Actions drop-down to discover more options-

  • Need to create a nearly-identical Estimate? Duplicate and and make minor adjustments.

  • Delete a draft Estimate altogether

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