Revolutionize record keeping with BDP’s unlimited Orders archive with powerful Search functionality. Need to find a needle in a haystack? No problem.

Orders Archive

  • By default, Orders are archived sequentially by Order Number, the unique identifier assigned at time of Order creation

  • Click on an Order Number to dig further into Order details and access backend Order Editing tools

  • Quick Search by: Order number, customer name (first or last), product, address, email address

  • Sort contents by clicking column header (Order Status, Product, Customer, Amount, Delivery Status, or Delivery Date)

  • Select at right the number of results shown "Per Page" from 10, 25, or 50

Refine your search parameters to custom query your archive and dial in your reporting. For example, search by date range, dollar value range, or set multiple filters. Here you can also choose to include "Test Orders" and "Void Orders." Click "Reset Filters" to clear prior search parameters.

Order Editing

Admin users can click into an Order Number to first view Order Summary and then Order Details. From the Order Summary page:

  • edit customer info or quickly resend email order confirmation

  • click "Customer View" to see the customer's receipt

  • issue a Refund or collect additional Payment in the Payment Details Section

To further edit Order Details, click into the details card at top of the Order Summary Page. Here you'll be able to:

  • change any other details as needed, including Delivery Status (Assign or Cancel an Order), Product Information (product, quantity, or price), Location Information, Delivery Time & more

  • click to see the "Driver View"

Export Orders

Download a .xlsx file to move your reporting offline & leverage your Order data to suit your needs. Whether it's to generate daily/weekly sales reports, simplify accounting practices, or get creative with any project you can imagine, run custom reports & export files to analyze operations & drive growth.

Create Order

Admin users can click "Create Order" at top right to build an order internally. Perhaps you want to capture an order over the phone, or schedule a future delivery for an in-store customer- simply click “Create Order” and BDP will guide you through the steps to build the Order.

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