Sales Tax

BDP works with Stripe to solve the jigsaw puzzle that is Sales Tax collection in the United States

If you live in a state where Sales Tax is collected, BDP connects with Stripe to simplify the process and capture the appropriate tax. Refer to Stripe's documentation to "Set up Stripe Tax" within your account:

Once you have Set Up Stripe Tax, switch on Enable Sales Tax within BDP

  • **FYI - a small test transaction will be sent & cancelled in order to test back-end sales tax functionality when enabling

  • Once Sales Tax is enabled, you'll select your Default Material Tax Category and determine whether you need to distinguish between material and Separate Delivery Tax

  • Once Sales Tax is enabled, refer to your Products inventory where a field for Sales Tax Code will now be exposed. This gives you the option to attach a specific Sales Tax Code to each Product, including coding items as Nontaxable where appropriate.

  • Watch as Sales Tax is collected effortlessly, appearing as a separate line item for the customer at checkout

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