Phone App

Click your brand's logo on your smartphone home screen & be logged in to your BDP account

Technically, BDP is available as a "Progressive Web App (PWA)," not a "Native App" like you may be more familiar. With BDP, your brand's logo/icon can be installed on your phone's home screen as an application shortcut, behaving similar to those downloaded from an "app store". The process of "installing" is a bit different and we'll walk through those steps for both Apple/iOS & Android operating systems.

Before installing, make sure to add an App Icon to your Appearance Settings before following these steps below. Consider using a free tool like Canva to turn your Company brand/logo into an App icon.


If you have an Apple device (iPhone/iPad), follow these simple instructions:

  1. Open a Browser (Safari/Chrome), navigate and log into your BDP account

  2. Scroll down to select "Add to Home Screen," choose a name for the shortcut, and click Add


For an Android device, the process looks a little different:

  1. Open a Browser, navigate and log into your BDP account

  2. Select "Add to Home Screen" and enter a name for the shortcut

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