Twilio Autoresponse

Automated SMS Notifications keep your communication channels clear

BDP's Customer Notification texts are designed to be outbound only. However, in the event that a customer responds to the driver's "Loading Up" text with a 👍 or "I'll be home in 5," a Twilio Autoresponse Flow will be your back stop. This Flow will:

  1. Respond back notifying the customer that the phone is not monitored for inbound messages, and instructing them to call your company directly if they need to make contact regarding the order

  2. Forward the body of the initial inbound message to a designated Admin's phone so that you capture any/all inbound information, even if redundant after instructing the customer to call

Contact BDP Support and we’ll help you set up a standard Autoresponse Flow within Twilio

Or, Consult Twilio's tutorial on building a custom Auto-Responder of your own:

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